With over 30 years of legal practice Mikijelj Jankovic & Bogdanovic has an extensive portfolio of clients from various industries and regions across the world.

Our portfolio of clients includes major international and domestic companies from the energy sector, food industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemical industry, automotive industry, fashion, media and entertainment.

We also represent governments in matters of public and private law as well as non-profit organisations.

Since early 1990s, Mikijelj Jankovic & Bogdanovic have also served as the lawyers of confidence for a number of foreign embassies in Belgrade. We are proud that our sovereign clients include the embassies of Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

A detailed list of our clients from a specific industry can be provided upon a request.

"Dr Mikijelj's law office is situated in number 28, on the floor of a secessionist building in Vlajkoviceva street. I had made an appointment to see an attorney at 11 o'clock on a hopelessly red-hot July morning 1987. A few minutes later I was sitting in an armchair in front of his desk, drinking Scotch.

The premises were elegantly appointed, inspiring confidence, and the Scotch did not have the red label of the Italian contraband." Borislav Pekić, The Years the Locusts Have Devoured, vol. II (1987)